Resort to home help: Guideline


Hiring, whether it’s in a purpose of home help or a business position, require that we linger on some fiscal dimension. Basically, it is destined to the simple protection of the employer and the employee.

It’s important to be attentive to certain details, which will provide you peace of mind to hire a resource to help you at home, with your kids, your parents, with your house cleaning or any other needs! You will find below our step by step to act legally and safely when you hire a temporary or long term home helper.

There it is! The one-in-a-million, special person you have been looking for. You found her in a couple clicks on ! Now, what are the steps to make sure that the hiring of this wonderful retired woman, eager to start a new part time job, runs smoothly?



Start with a first phone meeting. This way, you can evaluate if the base of a good relationship or even a good communication is there. You can ask him/her to meet you in person for a short interview and ask him/her for references, according to the type of work you need. Among the references, here are some examples :


  • Past employers and their contact information;
  • Criminal records and even credit ratings (with the approbation of the applicant)



With a meeting scheduled, validate each of the references that your candidate gave you. Although this step is major, it is often set aside, due to a lack of time or a confidence excess.  




Once the references have been validated, the upcoming of the interview and its great conduct will be a sign of a good collaboration. It will result in a security for your pre-retired or retired, while informing him/her of your needs, your intentions and your expectations.

Beforehand, we invite you to visit the CARRA1 website in order to inform yourself with the different impacts of a full or part time job on the benefits from the “Régie des rentes” when you are going back to work.  



 Also, to legally act, you need to get an employer number from the federal2 and provincial3 government in order to correctly perceive their diverse contributions and deposit the paychecks.

 At the same time, you can take advantage of your time with your candidate to validate that he/she knows that an income declaration will be done and the salary will be offered according to the withholding taxes and other responsibilities.

Here are some useful links:


You can also call, within business hours at 1-800-267-6299 to talk with a “Revenu Québec” agent.  






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