Here are the frequently asked questions about retiredjob.ca; we hope it will help you.

How much does it cost to subscribe?

This website is entirely free for the 50+ years old. You can subscribe, add your resume or postulate for a job as many times as you want.

For the employers (Private individuals or Businesses), you can publish as many offers as you want and receive applications from interested candidates. This is all free. You only pay if you want to contact one or more applicants. If you do, you will receive the personal information (full name, email, phone number) of the applicant. This is the basic package.

For businesses only : there are other packages you can buy such as THE VISIBLE (if you want job seekers to see your logo and business name when you publish).

To see the pricing of the different packages for Businesses, click here

Is it possible to change my personal information once I have subscribed?

Of course! Once you are logged in to you « My account » page, you can click on « account settings » to modify your details and password. You can also add resumes in order to obtain different kind of jobs (from private or businesses).

Employers, can also change their information but manage their different job offers as well from their “My account” page. 

I lost my password, what can I do?

Each time you log in, you have a: “I lost my password” option at the bottom of the page.

By clicking on it, you will receive an email, helping you to create a new password.

How do I get technical support?

You can visit the « Technical support » page of our website which is at the bottom of each page or you can send us an email or call at our toll free number 1-844-4EMPLOI (1844-436-7564). Click here to access.

How do I postulate for a job offer?

According to your selection, targeted job will be sent to you by email or in your retiredjob.ca dashboard. If you are interested by an offer, simply click on the “SEND MY RESUME” button and it will be automatically sent to the employer.

Let’s create your resume together (10 minutes)

How do I know that my resume was sent to the employer and if I will be contacted?

You will receive a confirmation email when your resume is sent to an employer. However, they will only contact the candidates picked for an interview. From « My account »page in the « History » section, you can see all the job offers you have applied to until now.  


How do references work?

Your former employers, as well as you future can evaluate your services. Your recommandations will be displayed on your CV when you postulate for a job offer. They will give your future employer confidence in your capacities and also give you more chances of being contacted.

We highly encourage you to inform your employers about the importance of references because it will increase your chances to be hired.  Please note that every reference will be approved by you before being published.

What information do I get when I subscribe to a package?

When you subscribe to one of our package, you receive the applicant’s full name, phone number, email, picture (if applicable) and also thename of the last businesse he/she worked at. You could then call him/her for an interview or contact her past employers for references.

How do job offers posting work?

Retiredjob.ca sends your job offers by email to every experienced job seeker who matches your field of business. Then, and this is for a month, your offer is published in their accounts dashboard.

Is my personal information confidential?

We assure the protection and respect of your private life. We have created security mechanisms to protect your information. Only the employers who pay can have access to your phone number, email and full name. Otherwise they will only see your first name and the city where you live.

What should I do if I didn’t receive my confirmation email?

In this case, it may be possible that our email was sent to your “spam” box. If you have not received any email from us within 24 hours, contact us and it will be a pleasure to help. Our business hours are Monday to Friday, 8: 30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Here is our toll free number: 1-844-436-7564.