Who are we?

The Idea

The founder of retiredjob.ca, Julie Dufresne has been an account manager for businesses (SME) for the past 5 years. Over time, she met approximately 300 SME whose contracts appeared to be shorter and shorter, and who had many maternity and sick leaves.  Many of them needed diversification of the work teams, and had intergenerational challenges. Right now, those small and medium enterprises don’t really have the financial and human resources to pay training for someone who will have only a short contract and even less time to hire!  Quite often, they have to hire 1 person especially for a replacement and if that person has another full time offer, the employer has to start the whole process again. Of course, this highly affects the productivity of our Canadian businesses.

50+ years old or retired

On the other side, her husband is a financial advisor. His clients are mostly aged upon 50. Many are those who tell him they would like a second income to travel or a second career to come true. According to a Canadian survey (from La Presse) with thousands of responses, at least 50 % of the 50+ population wants to keep working or have underestimated the cost of their dream retirement. Well, when time has come, they are more or less deprived. Their resume is almost 30 years old and they don’t want to postulate the same way a youngster who wants to build its career would do. In brief, their requirements are not the same.  

Families and private individuals

Back from her maternity leave, Julie always told herself: « I am dreaming of help at home, coming from people who are faithful and happy to give me a hand. » All of those elements together pushed her into this adventure with all her heart and passion. While doing her researches, she learned to know the last generation of baby-boomers. They want to work for the satisfaction more than performance. They are looking for clients and employers who chose them and who are serious. This is how she created retiredjob.ca. A simple, quick and free website for the retired and the 50 years old +.

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 Our mission

Retiredjob.ca is an online tool that links recruiter with experienced and available candidates such as retired or 50 years old +.

There are 2 different parts. First, there are jobs to help the SME with short term contracts, maternity and sick leave and part time positions. Then there are jobs for the families or private individuals who want to hire flexible, serious and reliable candidates.  

Our team

We are a group of 5 shiny people who work for retiredjob.ca. Our main office is in Saguenay/Lac-St-Jean but we also have one at DIX30, Brossard.


The founder and director is Julie Dufresne, and she has 15 years of experience as a manager and business representative. She has a BAA in marketing obtained at the HEC of Montreal, a minor in human resources management from UQAC and a MBA from UQAM. From her childhood, she has dreamed of creating and building her own business. It took her 15 years to finally find an idea that fitted her values. With all her passion and courage, here is retiredjob.ca


Human resources manager: Jessie Deschênes
Programmers: David Ménard, Sylvain Gauthier, Jean-Michel Vallée, Ariane Bouchard, Patrick Lamarre
Visual producer: Nicolas Bouchard , Productions quarante-deux
Blogger: Lucie Murray, L.tradtuction
Social network manager: Stephanie Côté
Promotionnal graphics: Émilie Talbot 
Accounting : Simon Dufresne

Advising committee (from left to right) : 

Renaud Grimmard – Horasphère
Louis-Martin Pilote- Projet Pilote L.M International
Julie Dufresne- Emploiretraite.ca
René Jean- Réflex Paysage
Pierre Audet- Olympe

Thanks to our volounteers: 

Jean-Charles Ratelle
André Maynard – Québécor
Andrée-Anne Bolduc
Thierry Gagnon, Marianne Bolduc CEE UQAC
Marie-Claude Chalifoux financière Banque Nationale Sorel-Tracy
Équipe Boivin Laberge – Financière banque Nationale Saguenay/Montréal
Isabelle Émond – Web marketing
Chantale Rancourt – Image de marque
Robi Guha – Solution TLM
Lyne Lagacé – Québec international
Pascal Harvey, Christine Bouchard – SADC
Karine Roussy –  GIT
André Blackburn- Promotion Saguenay
Denis Gauthier – Financière Banque Nationale
Adopte INC (Nicolas Duvernois, Anne Marcotte, Philippe de Gaspé Beaubien lll, Alain Bouchard, Pierre Pomerleau, Eric Boyko, Guy Cormier et les 25 adoptés)
Sylvain Carle- Founder fuel
François Gilbert- Ange Québec
Enzo Blazi- Intellio


Is retiredjob.ca your dream job?

You wish to have a dynamic and challenging career?
You have skills in computing, web marketing, business development or another linked field?
Send us your resume at emploiretraite@gmail.com with: « Career- retiredjob » as object. 


“It’s so 2016 to think about empowering experience in our society! Your idea is sustainable innovation making a turn towards a society that need to grows with its new realities” – Catherine Laprise, Professor UQAC Chicoutimi


  • Passion of working brings the best in each of us.
  • Laughing is part of our daily lives and is our antidote against stress.

  • Reliability  In our business, we trust ourselves, we are punctual and we meet our commitments.

  • Respect and communication People are the heart of our business. We are all equals and we try our best to communicate our thoughts with calm.  

  • Loyalty We are faithful to our colleagues and our brand. We are a cohesive team and together we can move mountains.

  • Agility and creativity We resolve our conflicts with smartness and we love each other.  

  • Moderation is guiding us: a little step to the left, a little step to the right. We try to live with inner and professional peace.